Friday, February 20, 2009

Week6 chapters19 & 20

In chapter 19 Jemmy and the Price are in the sewers and HYN Billy and Cutwater find them. They try not to be found but they are found. Since they are found they try to run as fast as they can up they ladder and almost got out but Cutwater reaches at the Princes leg and he got it. Jemmy stops and turns around and goes over to the Prince. At the end of this chapter HYN Billy gets bit by a rat and looses grasp of Jemmy. So Jemmy is free. In chapter 20 the prince and Jemmy have gotten away from HYN Billy and Cutwater. So they run as fast as they can and get out of the sewer. When they get out of the sewer the Prince says “We have to go back to the castle,” but Jemmy says “No way not me I will get whipped big time, and I don't like that.” Some things I like about this section is when HYN Billy gets bitten by a rat. It was so funny that's the part I liked. The part I didn't like was when HYN Billy and Cutwater found the two boys in the sewer.

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