Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week4 chapters 14-16

In chapter 14 Jemmy and the Prince meet the dancing bear and Betsy.The bears name is Petunia. When they meet Petunia Jemmy and the prince are scared because it’s a bear but Betsy says not to be scared because its a dancing bear. In chapter 15 Jemmy and the Prince are running away and while they are running away they meet Captain Harry Nips. So they get in the wagon and are off. When they are in the wagon Cutwater and HYN Billy find them and get Prince Brat and Jemmy out. They start to whip the Prince.In chapter 16 Prince Brat gets whipped again. HYN Billy said hold your potatoes it was funny thats what I liked. Something I didn't like was when Prince Brat got whipped.

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