Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week3 chapters 10-13

In chapter 10 Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater has found Jemmy and Prince Brat. Billy doesn’t think that Prince Brat is the prince because he can’t read or write so they think he’s the whipping boy, they think that Jemmy is the prince because he can read and write. Billy and Cutwater want the treasure from the prince so they "Prince you have to write the letter annd say the Prince will die if you don't give us $10,000. So that's what they did.
In chapter 11 Billy and Cutwater wanted to find the treasure “that Jemmy had”.When Billy and Cutwater stepped out of the hut, the Prince and Jemmy planned their escape.
While Billy and Cutwater were outside prince Brat hide in the hay inside the hut and he told Jemmy not to say anything about him but he did.In chapter 12 they are done writing the ransom note and send it off to the King. They decide to keep the prisoners.In chapter 13 Jemmy and the Prince run away and Jemmy hides in a hollowed out tree that has fallen on the ground. I like it when Jemmy hides in the fallen tree. I didn't like when Cutwater got scared about Petunina.

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  1. The summary is ok, but you need to tell what you liked and did not like about the section. That goes for all four enteries!